Tom Sutherland: photographer

vancouver, canada

good friday, march 23

canadian/american duo

currently reside:
west coast, canada

previous addresses:
hawaii - 17 years
california - 7 years
canada - ??

cameras i use:
canon T90 *purchased in 1986 with 3 used lenses
contax T2
any point and shoot camera
amateur cameras
damaged cameras

where i would love to travel:
juarez, mexico
south africa
new york

projects i'm currently working on:
photo books of interesting people
photo book on cats
documentary books

why i do what i do:
it's in my genes..grandparents and great grandparents were artists

what i collect:
vintage sutherland prints
photographs that have soul

i have spent much of my life behind the
camera. raised in hawaii, i began my career
shooting friends and models. while living in california i moved on to
celebrities, musicians, ad campaigns and nature, shooting
color film exclusively. in the mid-1980's i re-discovered
black and white. since that time, i have been lucky enough
to be in the rare position of being able to sell my
vintage prints to collectors world wide.
generally, the images i enjoy creating are dark and
mysterious. although somewhat grainy in effect, this is
what interests me. my current projects include several more
photography books and Limited Edition portfolio's. i hope you enjoy
these images as much as i enjoyed creating them.

'skink'..? it's from the scincidae lizard family:
i photographed him/her in my california backyard in1976

photographers who influenced me:
david hamilton
andy warhol
david hockney
pete turner
peter beard
j. frederick smith

h o b b i e s:
gone surfing

questions...comments? mail here